3 Reasons you MUST start using Video

Video is one of the most powerful ways to let your audience experience your PASSION, PURPOSE, + MESSAGE. Below are the 3 Reasons you MUST start using video in your business.

1. The #1 reason is the 1.8 million WORDS is equal to 1 Minute in video. Let that set in!! If you really want people to internalize and understand how you want to help them, you've got to get your face in the game so people can see your true personality shine! 

2. Faces FASCINATE us and we are addicting to seeing them. Babies from the age of 2 months old are able to recognize faces, that's how ingrained it is in our DNA. According to the book Fascinate by Sally Hogshead, faces are 2x as interesting as non-faces (i.e. words). It's biology, baby! 

3. 70% of ALL internet traffic is from video traffic, and by 2019 it's predicted to reach to 90% of video traffic! The people of the virtual world have spoken, and they want to see more videos.