#1 Tip for Consistent Videos

Do you want to make consistent videos for you business but you have NO idea how your going to ever find the time to actually do it?! 

Here is my #1 Tip for making consistent videos.

Are you ready?! 

It's called... BATCHING!! 

I used to have this fantasy that anytime I was inspired or anytime I felt like it I would just BAM go and film. Let me tell you, this was a failing strategy and wasted SO much time. 

What I now do is Batch. I usually make around 5-7 videos in one sitting then I'll have that for the whole month or even longer. It's ah-mazing.

So if you've been wondering how you are EVER going to make consistent videos, just realize that you aren't going to have to make videos all the time, you're going to have to just dedicate a day or two a month making videos and it's going to make a huge impact on your business. 

Now that you know about batching, what are the next three videos you are going to film for your peeps?! 

Let me know below xo