easily served nutrient-packed food that toddlers absolutely love, made at your home.


Hi, I’m Beth! I make easily served nutrient-packed food that toddlers absolutely love! Perfect for snacks, lunchboxes, and anytime you’re busy and on the go (so all the time).


How it works


Step 1

First I will send you a detailed questionnaire so I can have an in-depth look at what your toddler’s food needs are. This includes eating patterns, allergies, taste preferences, nutrient quality, and your doctor’s recommendations. If I feel like we are a good fit to work together, we will set up a phone call to get the ball rolling.


Step 2

Once you are officially enrolled, it’s time to pick this week’s recipes and get groceries delivered before my arrival to your home. I’ve created a seamless system so that we can easily share recipes and updates on your toddler’s progress from your iphone.


Step 3

I will arrive at your house and get cooking! While I cook, you can run errands, get work done, get a manicure, go to a workout class, and focus on your life and what matters. By the end of my time there, you will have delicious food that nourishes your toddler’s body, mind, and soul.

Your families health is an investment.

My most popular packages range from $160-$220 depending on your needs.

*may include transportation fee if not in the Marina/Cow Hollow area

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About me

Hi, I’m Beth! I am in awe of the healing power of something so simple and yet so profound as the food we eat everyday, and I am dedicated to making sure that our children are raised with food that feeds their mind, body, and soul so that they are setup for success as they grow, develop, and save our world along the way.

I was inspired to enter the wellness industry through my experience transforming my own health when testing found heavy metals and other toxins. Taking matters into my own hands, I became a Certified Health Coach and was able to learn from leaders all over the world, including the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic.

My fun approach focuses on savoring and enjoying delicious whole foods. I have been a featured expert at Whole Foods, Lululemon, Athleta, and on national news and radio shows.